1. Credit Cards

A. Enter your card number

B. Expired Date of the card

C. The CVC number (the three-digit no. on the back of your card)

2. Bitcoin (Same for USDT)

If you already have a BTC account like Coinbase, Binance, you can pay directly to our account. If not, Coinbase suggested.

1.Download Coinbase APP


2.Click the blue Arrow icon at the bottom.

3.Buy bitcoin worth the amount of your order- buy a bit more $5-10 to cover its fee.

4.Click send bitcoin to another wallet.

5.Paste our account or use QR code to complete.

Video Instructions:


3. Bank Transfer

You can use your saving bank accounts, debit cards to transfer to our US bank account, easier than downloading a payment app.

4. Western Union

Set up by an e-mail in www.westernunion.com

Choose country, enter receiver’s full name, city and state

Do Cash Pick-Up

Please leave all the other info blank, not a must.

There will be a 10-digit transaction code after the payment, pls send it to us for order processing.

Video Instructions:


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